Concepts for Trivia Game Classes for Scratch Card Cash Prize

If you need to an intellectual and fun element to your party, it is possible to hold a few trivia games for guests to experience for cash prizes. You’ll be able to take old scratch cards that you played for jeux à gratter cash and write categories and questions on them. When considering which categories and inquiries to write down to the game, take into account the topics that your particular guests are the most proficient in. Also avoid questions which can be common knowledge to all the guests because this will make the game less challenging.

World Religions

One idea is usually to ask questions about world religions for example Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Research these religions’ main beliefs and practices and build questions and answers determined by your research. This is an excellent category for guests who operate in academia or they like to research world religions. The individual that gets no less than five from ten questions turns into a cash prize.

French Cuisine

For your guests who are knowledgeable about European cuisine, you could make a trivia game based on classic French cuisine. Once you write questions about the back of the scratch card you played for En savoir plus sur jeux à gratter cash, you need to get a refresher on classic French cuisine by reading classic French recipes as well as the regions of France where these recipes are simply.

Personal Finance

In the event you and your guests are people that hold to sound management of their money, you can hold a trivia game that tests their familiarity with money management skills. Be sure you ask questions that pertain to dealing with income taxes, setting and spending inside budget, and personal credit card debt.

Romantic Movies

With this category, you can find creative and develop interesting trivia questions by brainstorming and writing the questions on the rear of the scratch card you played jeux à gratter cash. Limit the romantic movie inquiries to a decade that a majority of of your guests grew up in.


Scratch cards are great tools to work with when playing trivia games at house parties. Your guests will like the neat designs on the front from the scratch cards, and they also may reuse the scratch cards for other purposes. Alternative methods to get inspiration for trivia card games is to read consumer magazines, observe conversations online websites and read nonfiction books.

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